Sounds For Champions

Your Audio Motivation to...
  ...DO IT NOW!!!


Q: How is this audio program different from other personal development programs?
A: Unlike traditional speech only programs, Sounds For Champions combines very powerful and stimulating music with inspirational, motivational and ACTION ENCOURAGING speech and is designed to change your feelings so that you want  to eat right, exercise and accomplish more. Also, unlike programs with cheesy  background music, this program has incredible world class music tributes of top contemporary artists and composers.

Q:I can understand how top motivators like Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Les Brown can motivate me, but how do scientists like Jonas Salk, Richard Feynman and Linus Pauling and film maker George Lucas contribute?
A: Each featured Champion has been extremely successful and they have an excellent understanding of the real world. They share great ideas about how each of us can live better, happier and more productive and satisfying lives.

Q: I need to lose 30lbs before a wedding in two weeks. Will you guarantee that I will lose it by then?
A: No. This program starts to work immediately, but if you are only interested in short term quick fixes, then this program is probably not for you. This program is for individuals who are serious about wanting to make real and lasting  improvements to their health and other areas of their lives.

Q:Who are some of the contributors to the diet, health and lifestyle portions?
A: Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr.John McDougall, and Dr. Jason Gordon  are world renowned and each one has been a practicing physician for decades. They are leading medical experts who have studied the effects of diet and lifestyle on the health of thousands of people. Other health contributors include John Robbins and Jeff Novick. Excerpts from the films Processed People and Food, Inc. also appear.

Q: What are military "jodies"?
A: These are the songs that the military use during exercise and training. They are an integral part of Volumes #2 and # 3 and one of the elements in the program that get you physically moving for a walk, a run, to the gym or any other kind of exercise; light, moderate or heavy duty.

Q: I am looking for inspiration and ideas to change my career and possibly start a business, will this help me?
A: Yes. This program is for people who are seeking to make changes and improvements in many areas of their lives. People who want to grow, challenge themselves and accomplish more will benefit a great deal. Successful billionaire
entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Steve Jobs (Apple/Pixar))Peter Theil (PayPal)  Larry Ellison (Oracle) Michael Eisner (Disney) and innovation expert Seth Godin offer key insights and inspiration.

Q: Why is scientist, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil featured?
A: Few people on the planet have studied and know more than Ray Kurzweil about how the exponential growth in technology will dramatically effect us and his insight into near term medical and health advances should inspire you to take care of yourself so you can take advantage of treatments and therapies that will help keep you young and healthy down the road. I don't agree with all of his ideas, but most are spot on and worth paying attention to for your good health.

Q: Does this program use hypnosis or subliminal audio?
A: No. Subliminal audio has been largely dismissed as ineffective and was hyped due to questionable subliminal visual  tests decades ago and high quality Sounds For Champions hypnosis programs are currently in production and scheduled for release in early 2014. Sounds For Champions Vol 1-3 is the complete opposite of "soft" audio programs.  Numerous clinical studies support the use of overt, direct-to-conscious and repeated suggestions as the best way to influence and improve feelings and modify certain behaviors. Sounds For Champions Vol 1-3
uses this direct technique which has been used effectively by the military and coaches to successfully train soldiers and athletes to acquire new core skills, behaviors and disciplines. Repetition truly is the Mother of skill.

Q: Is this audio program available on DVD?
A: No way! This program is designed so that you are not sitting back and passively watching. It is best utilized when you are on the go while walking/jogging, getting ready in the morning, or in the car on the way to do something productive like working out or launching a new venture.

Q: Can SoundsForChampions be downloaded?
A: Eventually, yes, however because  hours of hi-quality audio makes the programs large and to avoid technical and band with issues it is currently available only on CD. You can of course make copies on your personal music and other devices.

Q: I seem to procrastinate on too many important things, will this program work for this?
A: One challenge we all face, is doing what we should do when we should do it. Sounds For Champions more than anything else is designed to push you TO DO IT NOW !   Whatever IT  is...